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Let us find that special item for you

Have a particular item in mind, for a special occasion, such as a Diamond, Ruby or Emerald Wedding Anniversary?

Allow us to use our network of, carefully selected, Jewellery Manufacturers and suppliers in order to find that perfect item of Jewellery on your behalf.

That is, of course, if we don't already have it in stock!

Bespoke Design Service

Create something as individual as you

Have a design for a piece of jewellery in mind, but can't find it anywhere? Why not come and speak to our experienced staff, who can help you create your own unique design.

We also offer a re-design service, for an item of jewellery you wish to alter or bring up to date.

Jewellery Repair

At Hirst and Alan we understand that having a treasured piece of jewellery damaged or broken can be very distressing.


Our carefully selected, highly-skilled, and experienced Jewellers will keep your treasured jewellery looking as stunning as it did the day you bought it.


From time to time, all fine jewellery requires service and maintenance, to keep it looking beautiful and new.

Making sure your jewellery gets the right amount of attention will ensure it lasts for years. It doesn't matter if your original purchase was made somewhere else, everyone can take advantage of our repair services, no matter where your jewellery was purchased.


Our expertly trained jewellers can do most types of repairs: from resizing your ring and fixing your gold chain, to resetting your diamonds and other precious gemstones.

Hirst and Alan's carefully selected experts are ready to help restore your jewellery by offering these exceptional services:

  • Repairing jewellery that’s been damaged like a necklace, bracelet, chain or clasp.
  • Resizing of rings to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Resetting or tightening the claws that secure a diamond or stone to the ring.
  • Refurbishing pieces that may need to be cleaned, polished or refinished to help bring back that new look.
  • Rhodium plating White Gold Jewellery to bring back it's sparkle

Watch Repair & Servicing

A Professional and Affordable Service

Whatever your watch repair needs we can help, from a simple battery, or strap, replacement, to a complete clean and overhaul.


Watch Batteries

We offer a same day battery replacement service in store, with the majority being able to be replaced, by our experienced staff, while you wait.


Should your watch be water resistant we can arrange for your watch to be re-sealed and pressure tested by our carefully selected Watch Repair specialists.


Watch Strap Replacement/Adjustment

We stock a  wide range of watch straps, bracelets and buckles to fit your needs, including leather and silicon straps to fit your Apple Watch. Most being able to be replaced using our same day replacement service, or even while you wait.


In addition to those services we carry out in store we are able to have the following Watch Repair and Servicing tasks carried out on your behalf:



Is your watch losing or gaining time? We will professionally service your watch, making sure it keeps perfect time. Available for quartz, automatic and mechanical movement types.


Glass replacement

Have your scratched, damaged or cracked watch glass replaced. Original glass replacements for most watches can be supplied and fitted.


Dial Refurbishment/Digit Affix

Have the dial of your watch refurbished back to it's former glory or the digits re-affixed in their correct position by our skilled and carefully chosen Watch Repair Specialists.


Crown and Stem Replacement

Have your missing or broken crown and stem replaced. In order for the watch to work correctly, and be water resistant, repairing the crown and stem is vital. 


Bracelet/Clasp Replacement

Bracelet replacement will ensure that your watch remains looking as it should and more importantly remains on your wrist. If a bracelet is damaged it is likely that your watch will fall off causing greater damage so it is essential that you get your bracelet repaired as soon as you notice the damage.

A replacement clasp saves you having to replace the entire strap. By replacing only the clasp, you can keep your strap or bracelet knowing that it will be secure on your wrist. If you require the manufactures original clasp we are able to obtain and fit it for you. 


Hand Replacement

Hand replacement is just that, replacing the hands. If your watch hands have fallen off, chipped or worn we can replace them. Whether you have a vintage pocket watch or a new Omega watch, we can replace the hands allowing you to, once again, be able to tell the time on your timepiece.


All watches are hand delivered to our Watch Repair Specialists, and you can rest assured that, before any repair is completed we will ensure that you are happy with the cost of repair, before any work is undertaken. All Watches in our care are fully insured while on our premises and while in the care of our Watch Repair Specialists.

Jewellery & Watch Valuations

You may wish to have your treasured items valued for a number of reasons, insurance purposes, probate or simply out of interest in what it might be worth.

An accurate valuation of your treasured Jewellery or Watch is priceless because it means your insurers will already have all the information they need in order to be able to arrange for the replacement of your treasured item very quickly. This is particularly important with bespoke designer pieces and it makes the whole process a lot easier.

Most UK insurers will require that your valuation has been taken within the last three years and that it contains all of the information that they require.

Our experienced staff are able to value your items for you and provide you with a detailed description of your item(s), including a full report and a detailed valuation.

We do not charge differing amounts for the different valuation purposes but charge a fixed price of £35 for the first item being valued and £20 for each additional item thereafter. 

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